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Jereh New Concept Fracturing Solutions Won 2013 China Equipment-Product Innovation Award

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On November 28th, 2013, the ceremony of Chinese Innovative Manufacturer by China Machinery & Electric Industry was held in Beijing, China. Jereh, with its high-quality products in the New Concept Fracturing Solutions, won 2013 China Equipment-Product Innovation Award.

Jereh New Concept Fracturing Solutions have been launched in October, 2013. Focusing on shale gas fracturing under complex geological situation, Jereh innovatively released three new concepts of fracturing including “Smaller Space for More Output Power”, “TIA Control system” and “Lifecycle Management”, which achieve 40% on-site labor saving, 50% footprint saving and 50% fuel saving.

In this new solution, Jereh adopts two core equipment. One is Jereh 3100hhp Truck Mounted Fracturing Unit, which has set a new world record of one single frac unit’s highest output power-- equals to that of 2 normal fracturing units. The other is Jereh 240bbl/min Closed-loop Sand Blender, which also breaks world record with the highest discharge rate. Moreover, with the innovative dual mixing system, it could greatly reduce the production cost within smaller footprint.

“This New Concept Fracturing Solutions are a remarkable breakthrough in our industry,” said Ma Jiaji, the expert from Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED), “I’m confident that it will be a milestone in the shale gas exploitation and development, which also set a new scale for our energy industry.”

With years of deep research into unconventional oil & gas exploration in both North America and China, Jereh has participated in the project of Chinese first shale gas well exploitation, Wei 201-H1, and has been the only Chinese manufacturer to provide whole frac fleet for North America shale gas fracturing.

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