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Jereh 3100HHP Truck Mounted Fracturing Unit Breaks the Record of Single Unit Fracturing Output Horsepower

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Recently, world first super-power fracturing pumper—Jereh 3100HHP Truck Mounted Fracturing Unit has successfully passed the industrial testing, with the highest output power of 3,115 hydraulic horsepower, setting a new record of one single frac unit’s highest output power in the world oil & gas exploitation.

Jereh 3100HHP Truck Mounted Fracturing Unit is designed for shale gas development, especially for the remote mountain area where operation space is limited. Core part of the equipment is the triplex plunger pump, which can achieve the highest input power of 4,000hp, and match with 3,300hp engine for long hours and heavy load operations. In the field testing, this equipment reaches the highest output power of 3,115HHP and can replace two units of the traditional 2000hp frac pumper.

This unit is the first super-power fracturing pumper exceeding 3,000HHP output power in the world. Jereh has brought to the industry a new hydraulic fracturing solution, which can achieve high horsepower operation in a small well site. This solution is an innovative breakthrough for the traditional shale gas fracturing and more suitable for unconventional oil & gas production in harsh environment.

Jereh’s new solution can meet the requirements for continuous high power fracturing operations for long time, and solve the problems of remote well site and limited working area for shale gas development. “High horsepower operation in a small well site” is no longer a problem. 

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