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Jereh Stock Listed into Forbes 2012 China Stock Choice

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Recently, Forbes Chinese version published “China Stock Choice” at its fourth time. Jereh Stock was listed into “2012 China’s A Share Market Stock Portfolio”, becoming the unique oil & gas equipment manufacturer and service provider who was selected into the list and focused on shale gas concept. According to Forbes research team, China’s shale gas production investment is still at an early stage. Jereh Stock can provide a complete set of Cementing Equipment, Frac Spread, cutting re-injection equipment and services. With the increasing investment to shale gas production, the company will get significant increasing demands and orders as well as more returns and profits.


Forbes China’s A Share Market Stock Portfolio consists of 10 stocks. In order to select the Top 10 stocks in China A Share Market, Forbes research team investigated over 2,400 stocks and made comprehensive studies by analyzing various indexes such as profitability, PE ratio, prospective PE ratio and EPS growth rate. The value of the Stock Portfolio predicted by Forbes is higher than Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index.

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