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Marketing Representative Agreement between Jereh & Paccar

[06-01-2002] Click:
Yantai Jereh Equipment Co., Ltd. and Paccar International in USA, the famous manufacturer of trucks and parts in the world, have signed the formal contract that from June 1st, 2002, Jereh Company will be in charge of the sales and after-sales service of KENWORTH products in Mainland, China as Paccar International's marketing representative in Mainland, China. Among the many brands possessed by PACCAR Inc, KENWORTH is the most distinguished. BJ, WESTERN, NOWSCO and many other oilfield specialty equipment manufacturers adopt KENWORTH chassis on their vehicles. And these chassis are also widely applied in the fields of lumbering and goods transporting and etc. Through her 78 years of history, KENWORTH engineers are focused on supplying quality, durable and innovative products for customers. KENWORTH engineers aren't afraid to "get their boots muddy" as they journey into the field with customers to understand the demands put on their vehicles. This is a critical aspect of designing a KENWORTH. And they still continue to listen carefully to customer needs, then builds custom trucks that will meet those needs. Jereh Company is the most technically powerful with rich experience in maintaining & assembling oilfield, construction and mining equipments in China. The successful cooperation between her and Paccar International will certainly bring more timely quality service to all KENWORTH product users in Mainland, China.
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