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Jereh's Technical Capabilities Shown in Dagang Oilfield

[04-25-2002] Click:
Jereh technicians successfully completed the repair task for CATERPILLAR D348 in Dagang Oilfield. At the beginning of April in 2002, a Caterpillar D348 engine in Dagang Oilfield broke down. Because the D348 is an obsolete model, there is no more production in Caterpillar Inc. of US. In addition, over 20 years of field operation, this engine was seriously rusted, which increased the difficulty of the resumption and it was quite hard to overhaul it. The customer had asked many oilfield equipment maintenance companies, but was refused due to the difficulties of this task. At the middle of April in 2002, with the invitation of Dagang Oilfield, Jereh technicians offered the assistance for them. With 20 days of hard work and depending on their professional knowledge and adequate maintenance experience, Jereh people triumphantly completed this maintenance. This Caterpillar D348, which was ever regarded as never to be overhaul and nearly abandoned, is now in operation!
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