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Talents, welcome to Jereh!

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The outstanding characteristics of the Jereh's administration is to respect talents and pay the most attention to finding the talents. Jereh's administers deeply recognize that the competition among enterprises is how to attract the better talents. Highly qualified staff is always the most necessary advantage for an enterprise to win the fierce competitions. During the course of selecting staff, Jereh is trying different sources of attracting talents such as making the full use of newspapers, talents conferences and other media, and send a delegation to attend the largest talents conference hold in Xi'an. All we do is to find and reserve enough human resources for Jereh's further growth and make every effort to form a potential, youthful, enthusiastic, talented team with a strong will to exploit and go all out in work. Yantai's annual large Talents Conference in winter is held on February 20. Of course, Jereh will not miss such a good chance to find talented staff. If you are qualified in both virtue and knowledge, welcome to Jereh Company!
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