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celebration! today jereh launched her new website!

[02-01-2002] Click:
Yantai Jereh Equipment Co., Ltd. won the approvals of her numerous customers both in domestic and abroad depending on her high quality products and perfect service. For such current situation under which the competition becomes more and more fiercer, Jereh people who always seeks perfection learns that the INTERNET as the fourth media has its own unique advantages and is the best platform for information exchange. We established and perfected our website for the purpose of making more customers learn about us and our products via the convenient, rapid, interactive INTERNET with no limits of both time and space. With the full support of China Construction Machinery Business Net(www.2-sun.com), Jereh launched her new website www.jereh.com on January 25, 2002, which shows the integration with the news, technology and service. The updating web pages are in more delicate and newer design with abundant contents. The columns include Company Profile, Imported and Exported Products, Part Search, After-sales Service, Quality Feedback, For Dealers, Career Opportunity and etc. The successful launch of Jereh's updating website provides an important window to let us be closer to our customers. The customers engaged in construction & machinery industry will learn much easier and quicker about us and the products within our supply capabilities. You also could have direct talks through net with our professional salesperson and after-sale service contacts so that you could acquire a good knowledge of information of this field. We believe that www.jereh.com will undoubtedly become an important bridge of the more successful cooperations between our customers and us.
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