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[08-10-2004] Click:
Chen Ruixue joined Jereh Logging Technologies Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jereh Group in 2004. On July 26, her father was suddenly hit by a kind of syndrome that is difficulted to be cured. During the dangerous period of the first 7-14 days, imported medicine is required to control the disease. Her parents are both farmers and her younger brother is still a student. Besides, this is her first work year, so the daily medical fee is burdensome. At the news, Jereh Group decided to give Chen Ruixue a hand, with the group offering the majority of the medical fee and the staff the rest. In less than two hours, 78 personnel donated 13,550.0 RMB which was beyond our expectation. After receiving the donation, Chen Ruixue was very grateful. As a new member of Jereh, she experienced the love from Jeren and took pride in being a member of Jereh. The donation fully explains Jereh's company culture--Sincerity, Cooperation, To be the best.Chen Ruixue is back for work today. For the help from Jereh Group and her colleagues, Chen Ruixue said she would work harder.
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