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Jereh held the sixth sports meeting

[10-08-2005] Click:
In the morning of October 1st, the yard of Jereh Group was full of cheerful chatting and laughing, the sixth sports meeting of Jereh Group was going on in such happy atmosphere. This sports meeting did not only have these competitive and popular game such as table tennis and the billiards, but also those interesting game like jump chess and Chinese chess, as well as some collective game such as tramcar, push-and- pull, and ran with dribbling, etc. Many athletes engage in many games and they are busy from one game to the others. The management members of the company also attended the games as common staff excitedly. The sports meeting was full of festival atmosphere and everybody could feel the high morale of Jereh staff. This sports meeting did not only activate the company culture, enrich the spare time of Jereh staff, but also mean significantly to the optimization of company culture and unity of the company.


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