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Mr. Zhouqi, the mayor of Yantai, visited Jereh

[05-10-2005] Click:
On May 10th, 2005, the mayor of Yantai, Mr. Zhouji, visited Jereh group accompanied by Mr. Yuchangqing, the Laishan district secretary, and other persons. Mr.Sunweijie, the chairman of the board of Jereh Group accompanied mayor Zhou to looked around the office area of Jereh Group. During the visit, mayor Zhou was impressed by the modern office condition and the vigor of Jereh staff. In the meeting room of second floor, Mr. Zhou listened Mr. Sunweijie's report on the introduction on Jereh Group and its development status, and made further discussion with all people presented. Mayor Zhou acknowledged the achievement of Jereh Group greatly, and proposed higher expectation and requirement to Jereh's further development. At the end of the visit, Mayor Zhou took photo with Jereh staff as a souvenir happily.

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