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Inspection Delegation Composed of Members of Yantai People's Political Consultative Conference Committee Inspected Jereh Industrial Park

[11-07-2008] Click:
On November 6, 2008, Mr. Mingbao Tian, Vice Chairman of Yantai People's Political Consultative Conference (hereinafter as YPPCC), Mr. Kaitian Luo, Special Advisor of YPPCC, and other leaders, with the third inspection delegation composed of Members of YPPCC Committee, inspected Jereh Industrial Park. Mr. Haojie Qin, Vice President of Jereh Group, introduced Jereh's development course and corporate culture to them, and then accompanied them to visit the manufacturing workshops in Jereh Industrial Park. There were 68 persons in the third inspection delegation, the delegation's Head was Mr. Mingwei liu, Standing Committee Member of YPPCC, and Director of Science, Education, Culture, Health and Sports, Cultural and Historical Data Committee, and the delegation's Deputy Head was Mr.Qiandong Xu, Standing Committee Member of YPPCC, Director of Yantai Science and Technology Bureau, and Secretary of Party Leadership Group.
Members of the inspection delegation visited Jereh's manufacturing workshops.
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