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Jereh fracturing unit successfully participated in the first horizontal shale gas well operation in China

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The first domestic horizontal shale gas well, Wei201-H1 well, achieved well completion at Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province on April 2011, which indicated the exploration of shale gas is coming into material experimental production phase in China.

The operation was the first fracturing operation of horizontal shale gas well in domestic, the operational area is 1604-2750 meters and adopted staged fracturing technique and coiled tubing perforation technique. Jereh’s 3 units joined this fracturing operation, during this operation the unit had a good performance, with a smooth running and stable control, better than other companies’ products especially in fuel efficiency and emission of gases.

As the first fracturing construction project of fracturing horizontal shale gas well of domestic, Jereh will be included in the annals of shale gas development in China as the fracturing equipment supplier.

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