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Jereh Awarded Cars to 35 Employees

[05-11-2011] Click:
On May 10 2011,JEREH awarded 35 cars to the employees who have devoted themselves to JEREH's development over 5 years in different positions including security guard, rear services, warehousing & logistics, production, R & D and management. Till now, JEREH has totally awarded 96 cars to her employees.

In a company meeting on May 8, 2006, JEREH Board Chairman Mr. Sun Weijie committed that those who will have worked with JEREH for five years on May 8, 2011will be rewarded with a car. This great award is not only an honor to the promise 5 years ago but also a reward to those who have grown with JEREH and devoted themselves to JEREH for years. It also reflects the vision of JEREH culture “Always give those who work hard their piece of the pie”. 
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