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Mr. Jiangting Zhang, Mayor of Yantai City Visited Jereh Industrial Park

[11-27-2009] Click:

On November 26, 2009, Mr. Jiangting Zhang, Mayor of Yantai City, and Mr. Guohua Cai, Deputy Mayor of Yantai City, arrived at Jereh Industrial Park for inspection, accompanied by Mr. Zhihai Jin, Chief Executive of Laishan District, and Yongzheng Huang, Vice Chief Executive of Laishan District.

Mr. Weijie Sun, the Board Chairman of Jereh Group, introduced Mayor Jiangting Zhang the three main business sections covering oilfield equipment manufacturing, services on petroleum engineering operations and distribution business. Mr. Sun made detailed introduction on Cementing Truck, Fracturing Truck, CTU Trailer and other oilfield equipment developed independently by Jereh and the patents Jereh obtained. During the visit, Mayor Jiangting Zhang communicated with Chairman Weijie Sun on the research, development and manufacture of offshore petroleum equipment, and spoke highly of Jereh's practice of independent innovation on oilfield equipments by mastering the core technology.

Photo caption: Mr. Weijie Sun, Board Chairman of Jereh Group (second from right) introduced Mayor Jiangting Zhang (third from right) the oilfield equipments developed independently by Jereh.

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