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Mr.Chen Zongxing,Vice chairman of China State Congress visited Jereh

[05-08-2009] Click:
On May 08,2009,a 25-memmber of research group for " Enhancing the growth issues of Middle and Small scale enterprises" led by Mr.Chen Zongxing,the vice chairman of China State Congress, Mr. Yangqi,Standing member of China State Congress,honorary dean of China Nuclear Power Research Engineering Institute, Mr.Jiangminglin,Standing member of China State Congress,Deputy director of State Consulting Office,Vice director of Nationalities and Religons Committee of China State Congress,visited Jereh with the accompany of Mr.Wangxinlv,the vice chairman of Shandong province Congress,Mr.Tianmingbao, vice chairman of Yantai city Congress, Mr.Duandawei,the dean of Laishan Municipal government. Mr.Sun weijie, the board chairman of Jereh Group introduced the history and current status of Jereh and explained the details of Jereh's R&D improvement and domestic&oversea market for Jereh's oilfield equipment products such as CTU trailer, Nitrogen pumpers, fracturing units,etc. Mr.Chen ZongFu highly approved the whole growth course of successfully participating in the domestic and oversea market for top level oilfield equipment by actively acquiring core techniques,innovation,learning from others. 1.Accompanied by Mr.Sun Weijie,Mr.Chen Zongxing and his team visited the nitrogen pumper and fracturing unit in Jereh's testing area. 2. Group photo of Mr.Sun Weijie,the board chairman of Jereh group with the government leaders. (From left: Tian Mingbao, Sun Weijie, Chen Zongxing, Wang Xinlu, Duan Dawei)

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